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My name is Dave Garner, and I officially started Shebang Creative in 2009, after years of working for other entities. The word ‘Shebang’ refers to the ‘whole shebang’, as it reflects the wide gamut of experience I’ve had along the way, and continue to have. It’s an outgrowth of my philosophy to consistently seek out the latest knowledge – to read, listen, watch and absorb those elements that will lead me to the next phase of any required task. I have always trusted this ability to discover what is needed. It has successfully opened a wide range of roads for me. On this page are two of the main roads I’ve chosen to travel.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my professional life, is the importance of keeping my personal opinions out of the design process.

I bring all my experience to the process, but every piece I design is for one purpose only: to support your company’s image & direction. Not as an addition to my portfolio.


If you have a graphic design or web design question, feel free to contact me through the Contact page in the top menu. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks, Dave









Graphic Design
I’ve been designing pieces for marketing & advertising for over 17 years. I have held the titles of Senior Designer, Art Director & Creative Director for Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, and my own company, Shebang Creative. I have designed projects for all mediums — Print, Web, Television — and for a wide range of purposes: Marketing Materials, Annual Reports, Logo & Identity Packages, Advertisements of all kinds, Outdoor Advertising and Specialty items. I am fluent in all the design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, plus others), plus modeling in animation programs to achieve a 3-dimensional look when called for.



Web Design
I’ve been designing websites for over 8 years. And actually, my graphic design clients are the ones who got me started designing & building websites. They liked the quality of my design work and naturally wanted that same level of design carried across to their web presence. I started out programming in html and flash, but as the technology changed, so did I, and I have included more formats, like Joomla & WordPress.