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Logos & Identity





Design Groups


Designing a logo is a very personal process — personal to you, the client.  It can’t be a personal process for the designer. It should be the outward representation of the purpose of your company, product or event.


The Idea Group of Santa Fe
When approached by Jim Patterson & Jim Glover of The Idea Group of Santa Fe to give their company — a company that brands other companies — a brand of their own, I knew I had to create something that was ‘outside the box’.  So that’s where I started.


Fourth of July Fiestas
Jim Glover from the Idea Group came to me with this job. The Las Vegas Fiesta is a 125 year old event, held in Las Vegas, New Mexico every 4th of July. It’s an event that combines a lot of Hispanic history with American history. After trying many different looks, I came to this one, which required creating the gazebo — which is a replica of the gazebo in the plaza of Las Vegas — in a 3D program, and then “cartooned” the look with the dancers. The logo was used in all their materials, brochures, signs, tshirts, advertising, etc.


The Craden Group
Jerelyn Craden is an Event Developer/Coordinator/Writer, and Marketing & Advertising Writer. I always love creating logo’s for other creatives, because they always want something that’s different, not a “standard” logo look. I had a lot of fun designing this for her.


Brian Piper Music
Brian Piper is a music composer & producer, and has been a great friend for over 25 years. I was happy when he asked me to come up with something that would brand him as the great talent that he is.


Chocolate Shape
This was a fun project for a great client and friend, Tom Wright. Tom not only asked me to create the logo, but also the packaging for this product.  And it tasted great, too!!


The Meunow Group
A lot of logos contain the first letters of the company’s name, so that you can easily remember the company by just seeing the logo.  After doing a number of those types of logos, you have to get creative with how you combine & represent those letters.
This logo needed to convey strength and trust, for a website dealing with all things money.


RioLibra Visions
I created this logo for a wonderful lady who owns a very creative film production company.


Artists’ Materials Expo 2012
This logo was just a part of the design work I created for Artisan Art Supply, the sponsors of the biennial event, which was the largest of its kind in the world for 2012.


This Old Car
This is a logo for a PBS pilot called “This Old Car” that unfortunately, never made it to air.  It was supposed to be a takeoff of the ‘other’ popular show of the similar name. Of course, I had to have a shiny grill for this one. I think that means something else now.  Oh well…This was created in a 3D animation program, to get that “off the page” look.


Trisha Brinkman Consulting
I created Trisha’s logo as part of a larger package, including her website. She owns a workplace resolution consulting firm in Santa Fe.