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dave-garner-photographer“I am continually inspired by the world around me: people, places, nature, buildings. I will point my camera at almost anything if I think I can capture it in an interesting and novel way.”


My family was living on an army base in Baumholder, Germany. It was there, when I turned 15, that my father gave me my first camera, a 35mm Pentax Spotmatic. Once I developed my first roll of film, I was hooked. From there, I began shooting anything and everything.


I then discovered a second love: music. So for the next 30 years, my life was a dance between the creative worlds of photography and music. Those two worlds became my breath: as a successful singer & songwriter, I breathed out, and as a photographer, I breathed in. Although I concentrated on music for most of that time, I always kept my hands on the camera, tethered to the love of the snap, click and whir of the photographic world. After a long stint in music, I found myself in the design world, working in advertising as an art director and designer.


It was while on a trip to Sedona, Arizona in 2012 that I came upon a trail up a side canyon while hiking, and just happened to have my camera with me. As I began to shoot, something within me awakened; it was like finding a secret treasure, buried and forgotten for many years. When I returned home and uploaded the photos, my wife — an artist and photographer — said, “Dave, these are really good.” I trust her objective point of view. Since then, my portfolio has grown immensely, I’ve been in 3 photography shows, and teach workshops on understanding light and the camera.


When I take a photograph, I tend to think of each image as a single line of poetry — that’s definitely the songwriter in me. It helps me connect each photograph with something that moves me. And because I tend to visualize the final result when I shoot, I’m always also aware of the balance, the lines, colors, light and dark and the way each photo is framed — that’s definitely the designer in me. As the artist, though, I continue to look for new subjects and new surprises to photograph, no matter who, where or what they might be. It’s why I believe that the most exciting scene is just around the next corner.


Here are some of my photographs. Hope you enjoy! Click directly on the name of each photo to see all the photos in that category


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