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Our clients are the best in the world. We’ll let them do the talking here!


We strive to exceed client expectations on every project. That’s why it’s important to partner with companies who aspire to the same goal. We enjoy working with Shebang Creative because their creative design always make our customers look great.
Jim Glover
Co-Owner, Idea Group of Santa Fe


It was a pleasure working with Shebang Creative on the Sylvia Sims Productions, Inc. website.  Their design met my needs and showcased my projects well.  More importantly, they were responsive, met our deadline, and made the project painless. Their web ideas translated nicely to an entire identity package for my company.. I highly recommend Shebang Creative, they’re truly professional. 
Sylvia Sims
President, Sylvia Sims Productions


Working with Shebang Creative is a thoroughly positive experience! They are infinitely patient in exploring the “look” and “feel” that I wanted for The Etiquette of Kindness’ website. I so appreciated their collaboration in selecting formats, elements and colors that look good and function well online. While sensitive to my desires, good-natured and always courteous, I was grateful that they were also candid, sharing generously from their wealth of professional wisdom; these balanced factors added to my confidence in Shebang Creative being able to meet my needs — a confidence that was not misplaced! Deadlines were set realistically and Shebang Creative was scrupulous in meeting agreed-upon timelines. Thankfully, they are masters of clear, responsive, timely communications; they never left me wondering where we were in my project. I’m so glad that Shebang Creative was there for me!
Suzanne-Marie English
Author, Etiquette of Kindness

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Shebang Creative — To work with a professional, reliable and efficient designer has added great value to my marketing team — they have the interest of the client in mind. Not only did I get a great product but I gained a team member. Thanks!
Gayle Martinez
Marketing Director, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad


(in response to an email newsletter for Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad)  This e-mail was one of the best written, most beautiful marketing efforts I’ve seen in a long time. My wife works in Constant Contact and none of the one’s I’ve seen from them looks as good as this. I am very impressed. 
Steve Walden
Colorado Railroads


Dave Garner, principal of Shebang Creative Design, is a superb resource. I contracted with him to design a web site, including logo, and get it up and running. From the initial conversation I found Dave to be incredibly skilled in many areas. He is an amazing listener and picked up on my concerns and issues. His creativity in web and graphic design is remarkable as is his use of the language and grammar. The beautiful logo design is also incorporated in print material. Additionally, his attention to details, timeliness, professionalism and dedication to doing what it takes to get the job done to the customer’s full satisfaction is beyond the pale. As a sole proprietor I rely on other consultants to provide services beyond my scope of expertise. Dave brought a comprehensive set of skills that far exceeded my expectations and his fees are very reasonable. Also, clients of mine have highly praised the new website. I recommend him most highly.
Trisha Brinkman
Owner, Trisha Brinkman Consulting

My wife is a professional artist and really needed a good website to take her career to the next level. We needed something that looked professional, was affordable and easy to update. Dave Garner designed a website that provided all the above, without us having to know any web code. I update her website on a continual basis. We are very happy with the results and the website has given her career the boost we desired.
Ron Whitmore
Co-Owner, Artisan Art Supply


I am the Creative Director of Smith Bowen Communications, a marketing firm in Monterey, California. Before moving to this area, I held staff and freelance positions with major agencies in Los Angeles and New York; such as Chiat/Day, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Grey.

Through this career experience, I have come to know and work with Dave Garner; a man with almost too much talent.

When I have a project that requires a synthesis of special effects, editing, art direction, and music, I call Dave. We all know that our budgets are downsized these days, but Dave can make a nickel look like ten bucks. And he does it with such professionalism and skill, that my clients think I have a creative army at my disposal.

Dave has composed screen music, written songs that made it to the Top Ten Billboard charts, and composed and performed appealing jingles for such giants as McDonalds and Quaker Oats. He’s also a fine art director, designer, and Avid editor.

This is my recommendation: If you have a project of any size or budget, hire Dave Garner. He will do an incredibly good job, leave his ego at the door, deliver on-time and on-budget, and keep your clients coming back for more.

Charlotte Cook
Creative Director, Smith Bowens Communications