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How important is your website?  What role should it play?

Your website is your top salesperson.  It works 24/7, making sure current and potential customers are up-to-date about you and your company.  It’s also the first place people go to find out who you are. They want to see your product and read your story.  In less than 5 minutes they form an opinion that will make the difference between choosing you or your competitor.


What makes our designs different?

Most web designers are technicians first and then maybe they have some design skill – not the best scenario for a great looking website. You are likely to end up with a website that’s technically great but aesthetically lacking.


1 We approach building websites from a design standpoint first, and then make the technology work around that. After all, who cares “what” a website can do if it’s not visually appealing. And because people make instant judgments — and mostly visual ones — if your website isn’t attractive, they will probably never even get to the “bells & whistles”.  That’s a wasted website. We’ll make sure that your website looks great and does exactly what you need it to do.


2 Secondly, while yes, We would like to have an ongoing business relationship with all our clients, we don’t think they should be held hostage to a web designer whenever they need to add, delete or update their site. Of course we’re very happy to maintain your site for you after we’re through, and make all the changes you need, if that’s what you’d like.  But we feel that decision should be yours, and not the web designer’s. 


To that end, we work with the WordPress format for websites.  The beauty of this format is that when the design phase is completed, all the editing of the site takes place using any standard web browser. And you don’t need to learn any “code”.  We can train you to maintain your own site, adding pages, editing & replacing text and images and the like, which for the most part is as easy as using Microsoft Word.  


Why re-invent the wheel?

We always start with an existing WordPress template, built by a web technician that already has the bells & whistles programmed into it.  Think of it as starting with the frame of a car, plus the engine;  then the real design fun starts as we create all the design touches that bring your “character” to life.  That really makes the difference between a “regular” website and one that makes people go, “Wow, that looks incredible!”  We do it this way, because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay someone to constantly re-invent the wheel when you can just purchase a framework (the template), and then design a beautiful car around it. 
Pictures speak louder than words, so — using the list on the right — visit a few of the websites we’ve designed for other people, read some more testimonials and then contact us if you’d like us to design one for you.








Rates for websites can vary greatly depending on your needs – so let’s talk first, and see how we can get you exactly what you want, and within your budget.


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